Durven Dawes, the father of “Bagel Karen’s” children, said he is “150% concerned” for the safety of his children after hearing their mother spew that “race spitting poison”.

Stephanie Denaro went viral recently when she called NYC bakery worker Victor Kamara the N-word, with her biracial children by her side, after he denied her service because she refused to wear a mask.

Durven Dawes has four children with Stephanie Denaro, and he is concerned for their safety because he feels Stephanie needs mental help.

Durven lost a custody battle with Stephanie, and he believes his kids are suffering emotional harm because of Stephanie’s disgusting demeanor.

He holds her completely accountable for her actions, and he said he doesn’t approve of anyone using that type of language, even his own kids.

In the video, Durven apologized to the bakery worker Kamara on behalf of his family, and he asked Kamara to forgive her.

He believes Stephanie is smart enough to atone and apologize as well, but that remains to be seen.

Watch the video of Durven speaking out below:

Based on Stephanie’s most recent Instagram posts she definitely has some mental issues that need to be addressed.

In one post she said, “I woke up as a Young Black Woman yesterday, and I did today!!” 


In another post she scribbled out a Black Lives Matter sign and put a blue line on the American flag, the visual projects that she’s valuing Blue Lives over Black Lives.


In the last post, she says she’s not a racist and she claims she got heated at the moment when she called Kamara the N-word. Then she doubles down and says “I still stand with what I say.” She then seems mystified by why so many people are offended by the N-word, which she references as a “simple word.”


I’m baffled at how Durven Dawes was able to be in a relationship with this woman.

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Source: TMZ

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