The driver who killed Nicki Minaj’s father, Robert Maraj, in a hit-and-run accident will only spend one year in prison

Robert Maraj killer Charles Polevich mugshot

Charles Polevich received a one-year sentence on Wednesday (August 3) after pleading guilty to two felony charges – tampering with evidence and leaving the scene of an incident without reporting. 

Polevich will also have his driver’s license suspended for 6 months and receive a $5,000 fine. 

Mr. Maraj was walking in Mineola on February 12, 2021, around 6 p.m. when Polevich struck him with his vehicle. 

Charles Polevich got out of his car, looked at Robert Maraj, then drove off without calling 911. 

Polevich placed his car in a garage and covered it with a tarp. 

Mr. Maraj was taken to a local hospital in critical condition and was pronounced dead the next day. 

He was 64. 

Nicki Minaj spoke on her father’s death saying it “has been the most devastating loss of my life.” 

This past May, Nicki’s mother, Carol Maraj, took to Instagram to wish Robert a Happy Birthday.

Carol wrote, “Happy Birthday Robert… A life interrupted. We love you and will forever miss you…”

See her original post below.

You kill a man, leave him for dead, and hide your car and all you get is ONE YEAR in prison and a fine?!

My thoughts and prayers are with Nicki and her family.

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