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Drake’s new owl pendant is flooded with 342 diamonds, including 18 carats of pure, solid rose gold, encrusted with 23.32-carat diamonds.

The chain was designed by Jacob Arabo’s, “Jacob The Jeweler’s”, watch and jewelry brand Jacob and Co.

See a picture of the pendant below:

Drake is seen wearing the pendant in the pic below:

Just another extraordinary piece to add to the collection for Drake.

In July Drake purchased two Tupac Shakur chains from celebrity jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills for $600,000.

A month later Drake hit Jason of Beverly Hills up again and dropped $300,000 for a diamond-encrusted cupid wearing a ski-mask, consisting of 75-carat diamonds and over half a kilo of gold.

Drake’s jewelry collection is extravagant. He may need to change his social media handle to @goldchainpapi.

Which one of the chains do you like the best?

Source: HipHopDX