Dr. Spirit Eloquently Breaks Down The Psychology Of ‘The Side Chick’

Licensed revolutionary mental health therapist Dr. Spirit gave one of the most eloquent breakdowns of the psychology of a side chick during a segment of #FreeAdviceFriday. 

The letter that Dr. Spirit received that’s responsible for the epic side chick breakdown read as follows:

Dear Spirit, 

Hello! Sorry my writing. My English is not very good.

And I ask you please not to publish my name. Thank you!

I lasted 9 years of relationship with my partner, with whom I have two children.

And when we separated after two months, he was already seeing another woman.

They have known each other for about a year and have been together for four months.

He says he loves this woman, but he also says he loves me.

He and I continue to have sex with no problems, and I have come to find out that he had sexual problems with this girl.

I still want to get back together with him, but he told me that for now this is not the time.

That maybe in the future we can have a relationship again.

He treats her like a queen, gives her many gifts, and helps her with money, and also tells her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

I really don’t understand why he said those things to both of us, or why he acts like that.

I don’t understand.

If he loves her too much, he keeps wanting sex with me, and he still loves me.

Or at least he says he still loves me.

.And of course she doesn’t know anything about what happens between us.

Dr. Spirit starts her response with the definition of a side chick because she said she doesn’t want to assume that the writer of the letter is from the United States.

As she continues talking, she orates an epic breakdown of the psychology of a side chick, and in the end, she suggests that the writer seeks therapy to see if a side chick is truly the role she wants to play in the relationship.

Listen to Dr. Spirit’s eloquent breakdown below:

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