They say it’s cheaper to keep her and it’s starting to look like Dr. Dre may want to reconsider his divorce.

According to a new report from TMZ, Nicole Young just filed some smooth legal documents asking for temporary spousal support in the amount of $1.9 million a month.

Oh, sis…who filed for divorce four days after their 24th anniversary… also wants an additional $5 million in attorney fees.

In early August, Nicole filed docs claiming Dr. Dre forced her to sign a prenuptial agreement back in 1996. She claims he later said he was ashamed for making her do so and he ripped it up.

Dr. Dre denied the claim saying she willingly signed the prenup and he wants it enforced.

The good news in all of this madness is Dr. Dre and Nicole Young’s two children are adults – so at least they won’t be fighting over child support.

Whew chile…the rich people problems.

Source: TMZ