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Dr. Dre was served with divorce papers at his grandmother’s funeral by a process server for his estranged wife Nicole Young.

Their messy divorce has just gone to another level.

There are conflicting stories about exactly where the process server attempted to hand the papers to him.

According to sources connected to Dre, he was served at the burial site while he was standing next to his Grandmother’s casket.

According to sources related to Nicole Young, he was served in the cemetery’s parking lot after the burial. 

Either way it is cold-blooded to send a process server with divorce documents to a cemetery.

Reportedly, the Hip Hop mogul refused to take the documents and the process server either dropped the documents by the gravesite or in the cemetery parking lot.

The documents outlined Nicole’s attorney’s fees and the remaining balance owed. 

Dre is responsible for paying the fees.

According to the judge’s order, Dre owes a balance of $1,224,567.00 on a total balance of $1,550,000.00.

Dr. Dre believes that the numbers are off, and his payment of $325,433 was supposed to cover the full balance.

Hopefully, all of this gets settled sooner than later and we extend our condolences to the Young family.

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Source: TMZ