Doja Cat took to the streets of Twitter and appeared hot as fish grease as she implored parents not to bring their children to her shows. 

At 3:11 a.m., the Coachella-headlining artist tweeted, “idk what the f– you think this is but i don’t make music for children so leave your kids at home motherf—.”

Doja followed up her original tweet writing, “im rapping about c– why are you bringing your offspring to my show.”

She also added, “rappin about eatin d— and pissin on his v-cut, leave your mistake at home.”

When someone responded to her tweets asking Doja Cat, “Are you high?” 

She responded, “Maintenance.” 

See the tweets below.


I totally agree with Doja Cat on this one!

Take the youngins to an amusement park…not Agora Hills.

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