Dog the Bounty Hunter said “the brothers” gave him a pass to say the N-word when he was in prison in 1979.

He now acknowledges that his pass has expired, but he claims no one told him.

Dog the Bounty Hunter recently made these claims during an interview with ET’s Kevin Frazier, while disputing allegations from his daughter, Bonnie Chapman, of being a racist and a homophobic cheater.

Bonnie claims her father did not invite her to his wedding because she supports the BLM movement.

Dog, who claims to be 33% Apache, says he supports BLM, and he has never been a racist.

He recalls an incident from 15 years ago that he refers to as his “Achilles heel,” a phone call with his son where he used the N-word more than six times.

He said he thought he had a pass in the “Black tribe” to use the N-word kind of like Eminem, but no one told him that his pass had expired.

Dog suggests saying “a racist name” doesn’t make you a racist.

Kevin quickly informs him that if you use the N-word in your regular everyday life then it makes you a racist.

Dog fires back that he has more Black friends than Eminem, and Kevin explains to him that just because you have a lot of Black friends doesn’t make you okay with Black people.

Watch the video below:

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Source: TMZ