Molly Parker, Amirah Vann in Fox's forthcoming medical drama, 'Doc.' (Courtesy of Fox)

Get ready for a unique medical drama this fall! Fox has unveiled its newest series, “Doc,” which follows a brilliant doctor forced to rebuild her life and career after a life-changing accident.

About ‘Doc’

Dr. Amy Larsen (played by Molly Parker) is a high-powered Chief of Internal Medicine at Westside Hospital in Minneapolis.

She’s known for her intelligence and hard-charging personality.

However, her world is turned upside down when a brain injury wipes away the last eight years of her memories.

Suddenly, Amy finds herself unable to recall her patients, colleagues, or even the man she loves.

Facing a personal and professional crisis, Amy must rely on her estranged teenage daughter and a few close friends for support.

But the biggest challenge? Returning to medicine despite having lost a critical chunk of her knowledge and experience.

Meet The Characters

  • Dr. Amy Larsen (Molly Parker): The brilliant but amnesiac lead doctor.
  • Dr. Michael Hamda (Omar Metwally): The new hospital CMO, a kind and intelligent leader with a focus on the human side of medicine.
  • Dr. Gina Walker (Amirah Vann): Amy’s best friend for 20 years, now also her doctor. Gina is a neuropsychiatrist who navigates the complex task of treating her friend while maintaining professionalism.
  • Dr. Jake Heller (Jon Ecker): The dedicated and charming Chief Resident who is secretly in love with Amy, even though she doesn’t remember him.
  • Dr. Sonya Maitra (Anya Banerjee): A third-year resident who initially dislikes Amy but starts to see a different side to her after the accident.
  • Dr. Richard Miller (Scott Wolf) (recurring): An uptight attending physician who competes with Amy for the Chief position.
  • Dr. Theodore “TJ” Coleman (Patrick Walker) (recurring): A kind and intelligent first-year resident who secretly admires Amy and was inspired by her to become a doctor.

What To Expect

Doc” promises a unique blend of medical drama and personal struggle.

You’ll see Amy grapple with her amnesia as she tries to reclaim her life as a doctor and a mother.

The series also explores the dynamics between the doctors at Westside Hospital, with a focus on friendship, love, and ambition.

Watch The ‘Doc’ Teaser Trailer

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