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A Mississippi judge declared a mistrial on Thursday in the case involving a father and son charged with shooting at D’Monterrio Gibson, a Black FedEx driver.

Brandon Case, 35, and his father, Gregory Case, 57, were each charged with first-degree attempted murder, conspiracy, and shooting at the FedEx vehicle Gibson was driving.

On January 24, 2022, D’Monterrio, 24, was driving around trying to find an address where he was supposed to deliver a FedEx package.

After the package was delivered, Gregory Case attempted to use his pickup truck to block D’Monterrio Gibson from leaving the neighborhood.

D’Monterrio said his “instincts kicked in” and he was able to swerve around the vehicle.

That’s when he saw Brandon Case standing in the street pointing a gun at the truck.

Brandon fired several shots at the truck as it drove away.

Thankfully, D’Monterrio was not injured but his van and some packages were struck with several holes, according to the police report. 

D’Monterrio called 911 later that night and was directed to the Brookhaven Police Department, where a dispatcher told him they had received a call about a “suspicious person” at the address where he delivered the package.

This story sounds familiar, doesn’t it?!

Carlos Moore, Gibson’s attorney, told ABC News: 

In this instance, this man was working while Black, and they thought that was suspicious and they evidently, concertedly decided they would accost this man.

And when he would not stop, they intended to kill them.

On Thursday, Judge David Strong Jr. declared a mistrial after a police detective serving as a witness in the case shared information previously undisclosed to the legal teams involved in the trial.

Carlos Moore, Gibson’s attorney, told ABC News that the mistrial was declared after the defense requested it.

Brookhaven, Mississippi, sounds as crooked as the letter “S.”

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  1. This is bull💩! But of course not surprised 🙄 it’s Mississippi and guaranteed the police detective did it purposely

  2. The intent to harm him is evident. Who stands in the middle of the street shooting at a van? This young posed no threat to anyone. He was delivering packages! Then FedEx tries to send him back to same neighborhood where he could’ve loss his life. There is no value on our lives. So sad, I pray he gets the therapy he needs.

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