It’s with a heavy heart that I report DJ D Baby has passed away after falling from a high-rise building in downtown Houston.

D Baby, whose real name is Darien Lewis, fell from the 13th floor onto the 9th-floor pool deck of Camden Apartments, where her girlfriend lived, around 5 a.m. on the Fourth of July.

Paramedics rushed her to a nearby hospital. 

Darien succumbed to her injuries on Wednesday, July 13. 

She was 23 years old.

D Baby’s girlfriend, Nishia Jackson, took to Facebook to address rumors that suggested she had something to do with the tragic incident. 

I have been praying about making this statement. I’ve sat in silence out of respect for D, watching so many of you turn this tragedy into something it’s not. 

Ive decided to break my silence not necessarily for you all, but for she & I. 

I’ve been very low & hurting deeply. 

This is coming from my heart. I love Darian with everything in me. 

I was trying to protect her. 

In summary:

On the night in question, her associate dropped her off to me bc they said she could not drive. 

She wanted to drive to her place & due to her intoxication I stood in front of the door. 

She ran to the patio (never in a million years would I have a reason to think that the next actions would follow)… once she she climbed on the patio chair I sprinted from the door to her but  she fell over before I could save her. 

I literally saw & heard her fall before my eyes. 

Running to her I had to take the stairs because the elevator took too long. 

I got to her & immediately screamed & summoned for help! 

My property is a true high rise with a high balcony. 

There’s no way I could have pushed her over, she was only able to get over because she climbed on to the furniture. 

I would have literally had to pick her up & throw her over which is absolutely absurd! 


We had been together the prior 3 days, we had just spent the day at her dads house the day before . 

We had different itineraries the day of which caused us to split. 

She had only been dropped to me approximately 10 minutes prior to the incident. 

I’m aware there are a lot of rumors going around & they’re all very disheartening. 

We were far from perfect. We had issues like most however, I would never hurt her whom I love, nor anyone in such a manner. 

I’ve also been devastated by the fact that some ppl are now insinuating that she was trying to harm herself, that’s not true either! 

I feel that due to her level of intoxication (she barely drank, I’d never experienced her drinking on that level) that she was simply not in her right mind. 

Maybe at the moment due to intake, she didn’t realize how high up we were, maybe she just slipped! 

IDK but the lies are SICK! When folk don’t know the truth they start making up their own!! 

I understand when something this tragic happens to a loved one that folks will naturally find someone to blame & why not me, the only other person that was there. 

To carry narratives that have been ruled out by so many variables is just cruel & unjust! 

Some people carried it out of pain, some out of preexisting hatred for me & others simply carried it because that’s what they “heard”! 

The truth will prevail even for those who are set on believing otherwise. 

This is the toughest battle of our lives. I have been slandered & ostracized by many yet my focus & prayers have been on D & her recovery. 

Thanks to everyone who has been thoughtful enough to personally reach out to me offering prayers for the both of us! 

I’ve called on every prayer warrior I know! 

Now I come to you all asking for continued prayers first, for D’s full recovery & also prayers for myself.

See Nishia’s original post below.

DJ D Baby’s family said they are not going to speculate or address unsubstantiated rumors. 

Her father, Darrin Lewis added, “We’re going to trust the system, and we’re going to let them do their job.” 

Houston police told FOX 26 that at this point, it appears to have been an unfortunate accident, but they are still actively investigating and interviewing witnesses.

Darien’s mother, Terri Lewis, said she wants everyone to focus on the way DJ D Baby lived and the legacy she’s leaving behind.

I would just like to continue seeing some posts where they enjoyed being with her, and around her.

A fundraiser is planned in D Baby’s honor on Saturday, July 16 at Voodoo Seafood on Eldridge Parkway from 3 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Watch the news report below.

My sincerest condolences to the Lewis family and all who knew and loved Darien.

Source: FOX 26 Houston