Diddy praised Shyne Barrow, the Leader of the Opposition in Belize, in a recent interview, for taking matters in his own hands for the betterment of his home country.

The interview took place on Diddy’s Revolt network.

The country of Belize has a parliamentary constitutional democracy and is directed by an elected Prime Minister.

During the interview, Shyne revealed that his father use to be the Prime Minister of Belize when he was pursuing his rap career.

When he was deported back to Belize, after serving nearly nine years in prison for his involvement in a shooting at a New York nightclub in 1999, Shyne became deeply engulfed in politics.

He explained in the interview that the country of Belize places their citizens into social classes, and him being a convict has political figures in Belize trying to push him out because they fear he’s gaining too much power and may become the next Prime Minister.

The House of Representatives in Belize introduced the 11th Amendment on Friday, July 2.

The amendment would disqualify Shyne from holding political office due to him being a convict.

Shyne condemns the bill and he is supported by his father, Dean Barrow, who exited the Belize political scene last November.

Dean considers the legislation outrages and an act of war against marginalized citizens.

He also thinks it is contradictory because he contends that there are political officials in Belize who were convicted of criminal offenses in their youth.

Shyne said he will take action against the amendment to the highest court if need be.

Watch the interview below:

It’s great to see these two brothers conversing on a positive note given their history, even though they say they talk all the time behind the scenes.

Hopefully, Diddy’s prediction is correct and Shyne will become the next Prime Minister of Belize.

Source: Revolt and AMANDALA

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