Diamond & Silk Booted From Fox News Over Coronavirus Conspiracies

Trump-lovin ratchets, Diamond and Silk have reportedly lost their gig at Fox News because of their absurd Coronavirus conspiracies.

Diamond and Silk, real names Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, had been providing weekly content for the network’s streaming service Fox Nation since December 2018.

But, once they started spewing their Coronavirus conspiracy theories on their platform, Fox News tossed them like a julienne salad.

The women have not appeared on Fox Nation since April 7.

Via The Washington Examiner:

Diamond & Silk have used their platform to spread misinformation about the coronavirus, claiming the number of coronavirus deaths in the United States has been inflated to damage Trump. Silk has questioned whether the virus was part of a “little deep-state action going on behind the scenes.”

A day after their last Fox Nation episode was posted, Twitter removed one of their tweets for violating its rules against coronavirus misinformation. The tweet called for people to expose themselves to the virus.

Diamond and Silk dropped this tweet after the news of them being booted made headlines:

Whew, chile…the coonery.

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