Detective Who Applied For No-Knock Warrant At Breonna Taylor’s Home Placed On Administrative Leave

The Louisville police detective who applied for the “no-knock” warrant that led to the shooting death of Breonna Taylor has been placed on administrative leave. 

Acting Police Chief Robert Schroeder told reporters Detective Joshua Jaynes will be reassigned until investigators can determine why the warrant was sought and approved.

Schroeder also confirmed the FBI is investigating the case:

This is all part of the process of getting to the truth of what happened that night and leading up to that night.

I recognize the process takes longer than we would all want, but it’s what must be done to ensure a thorough and fair investigation for everybody involved.

Sgt. Jon Mattingly, Det. Myles Cosgrove and Det. Brett Hankison, the three officers who entered Breonna’s home and killed her, were placed on administrative reassignment.

They have not been charged and Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer is refusing to fire them. 

Get the full scoop on Breonna Taylor’s case below.

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