New Year, New Beginnings…

Dennis McKinley took to social media to share his testimony about the power of forgiveness after he reunited with Porsha Williams‘ sister, Lauren Williams.

Lauren cut Dennis off like an unpaid light bill after he cheated on Porsha during her pregnancy.

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But, on New Year’s Day, Lauren unblocked Dennis, spoke to him, and even hung out with him for the first time in nearly 9 months.

Dennis McKinley shared a photo of the reunion along with the caption:

Ok let me tell you about the power of forgiveness! When you hurt ppl it’s important to know that you also hurt ppl that love them! @lodwill #unblocked me today BUT Lauren ❤️?? you… first time speaking/hanging in 8/9 months … apologize to EVERYBODY #salaam #family

See his original post below.

Porsha Williams was emotional about the reunion. She commented, “?man ? family #healing !! Thank you D”

Porsha Williams - Dennis McKinley - Lauren Williams

Good for them! Now, I need Dennis to stay on the good foot!