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Deiondra Sanders, Jacquees, & Dreezy via Instagram

Deiondra Sanders, who is rumored to be pregnant, is heartbroken and throwing in the towel after learning her man, Jacquees, was still pursuing his ex-girlfriend, Dreezy.

Deiondra Sanders Fires Shot At Dreezy Over Jacquees

Deion Sanders’ daughter seemingly opened up Pandora’s Box when she fired off a few shady subtweets. 

The first tweet read, “Why would he switch out a dime for a penny,” followed by, “Obsessed is when you still sending underwear with your face on it to the crib.”

Dreezy wasted no time clocking Deiondra’s tea with a few tweets of her own. 

Obsessed is y’all having a baby on the but the n— begging to get me pregnant cus he barely fwu bird brain,” she wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

In another tweet, Dreezy wrote, “TF I turn yo n— down EVERYDAY for yu. And this is the thanks I get around this mf,” accompanied by laughing emojis. 

Dreezy Drops Receipts On Jacquees

Things escalated quickly when Dreezy returned to her Twitter timeline with receipts that included alleged text messages from Jacquees. 

The tweet read, “Waitinggg…Cus I’m keeing it REAL cute lol. Yu 34 I thought yu was smarther than this…No kids 💋 MUAH

The screenshot showed text messages, allegedly from Jacquees, that read:

Stop playing wit me

That’s what you tryna do instead of just have mine?

Don’t be a dummy

Just lemme get you pregnant too

Dreezy responded via text, “Never goofy.” 

Jacquees allegedly texted, “Might as well.” 

Dreezy shared another screenshot of text messages, along with the caption, “This yo BD??

In this screenshot, Jacquees allegedly tweeted: 

I want you I don’t want her

You are my true love


And I need you to help me

Sex does NOT define LOVE

and if you trying find love in SEX

you finna f— everybody

Kids do not define a FAMILY








Dreezy responded via text writing, “Ok. I’m glad I made the right choice.”

See the screenshot below.


Deiondra Sanders Is Heartbroken

Now, that reality has set in, Deiondra Sanders took to Twitter to share that she is heartbroken and feeling like a fool.

Im just so heartbroken.

I dont think I ever felt like this before.

But it is what it is.

I prayed for God to show me.

I know we should never question God but Sometimes I question why even allow me to love this hard if you knew.

I just feel so stupid & so dumb.  #RandomJournal

Deiondra Sanders and Jacquees via Instagram

She seemingly began to share tweets directed at Dreezy.

If u wanna believe that then so be it. I actually dont talk to n—-s with girlfriends.

Hint while we was friends for so long.

If anything you taking your anger out on the wrong person.

He played you numerous of times not me.

Now wanna be running back to you cause I dont want him. Lol girl bye.

U really think u ate.

U unhappy online and in real life.

Go build a relationship with yo daddy that dont really fwy fr.

Deiondra Sanders declared that all of the drama is beneath her, but continued to talk greasy to Dreezy.

This is now beneath me for real. Got me arguing with a dusty b— over a dogg a– n—-. I need to snap back. Y’all can have each other. Go be toxic and let the devil continue having his way with y’all. Im done with all this s—.

Coming at me like I can’t go get a real man, a 100 millions dollar n—- tomorrow. Bitch the best u can get is Jacquees lol 😭😂😭that n—- lucky I even looked his way. U lucky I even gave u some shine. Y’all Stay in your lane. 

U got him. And u can have him. Enough is enough.

I ain’t saying another thing in this foolery. Done took me outta character and s—.  s— does hurt but oh well. It happens to the best of us. But I can go up from here. Yall can’t. Im done with all this s—.

In closing, Deiondra noted, “I lost myself for a minute for a fool but betta believe I’m getting back up!!

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Imagine clapping at a chick over your man only to find out he’s telling her he doesn’t want you.

Jacquees has to do better before he ends up with more dreads on the floor in Dubai.

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