Deborah Joy Winans Releases ‘I Won’t Stop Breathing’ – Listen Now!

Deborah Joy Winans has released her new inspirational R&B single, “I Won’t Stop Breathing.”

The singer and “Greenleaf” star shared the story behind the single saying:

My brother Juan shared this song with me and I always knew I wanted to record it.  Sometimes when we face heartbreak in life, and we feel like all hope is lost, the only thing we can do is not stop breathing. The recent tragedy of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor brought those lyrics to my heart and mind, and I feel like it is right for this moment in history.  A time of extraordinary sadness, but also hope for tomorrow.

Listen below:

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“I Won’t Stop Breathing” is the first original song released by Deborah Joy Winans.

Her forthcoming EP will arrive in the very near future.


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