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Today Deandre Hopkins agreed to a $54.5M 2-year extension with the Arizona Cardinals.

The deal totals $94M after adding the three years Hopkins has left on his current contract.

Hopkins will be making $27.25M a year, making him the highest paid non-quarterback in NFL history.

Bruh just got pizzade!

He shared his excitement on twitter after securing the bag!

Hopkins was traded from the Houston Texans because they would not agree to pay him what he felt he was worth.

I’m sure D. Hop is laughing all the way to the bank.

Hopkins is one of the top 5 receivers in the NFL, and he had over 100 catches in 2018 and 2019.

Ed Werder of ESPN reported Hopkins was seeking $18-20M per year when he was with the Texans, and he got $27.25M with the Cardinals.

Look at God!

Congratulations to Deandre Hopkins for knowing his worth and accepting nothing less!

Source: Bleacher Report

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