All eyes are on Georgia as Jon Ossoff and David Perdue will battle it out again in January to secure a seat in the senate.

But, the tomfoolery coming out of the Perdue camp is nauseating.

Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff kicked off small business Saturday by visiting the wildly popular Slutty Vegan restaurant in Atlanta.

Republican candidate for Senate David Perdue decided to throw shade at Jon on Twitter by putting on his Sunday’s best and posting up in the Waffle House.

The caption on the tweet read:

@ossoff can have the plant burger, we’ll take the all-star special. Pick your side, Georgia.

Peep the original tweet below:

Needless to say Perdue’s lil flex didn’t go over well…

Slutty Vegan responded with this post:

If Perdue don’t get this scattered, covered, and smothered shenanigans out of here!

Georgia, please handle your business: