David Adefeso has filed a cease and desist against Tamar Braxton claiming her tweet claiming he cheated on her has damaged his reputation.

In case you missed it, Jessie Woo tweeted:

It ain’t none of my business but… I really liked your fiancé. He was a good man Savannah! But filming Tha show with you know who wasn’t a good idea for you two. Maybe God can fix that? If not, I pray God sends you your Boaz ????

Tamar responded tweeting: 

He was cheating with his then assistant now cfo since 2019 Jessica ????.. God fixed it ????????????

See the original tweet below:

David’s team says Tamar purposefully lied when she tweeted he was cheating which triggered a flurry of unflattering news articles about him.

David Adefeso wants her to delete the tweet and issue a retraction. 

He also wants Tamar to stop dragging his name through the mud. 

As of the publishing of this post, Tamar has not removed the tweet nor has she issued a retraction.

Source: TMZ

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