Dave Chappelle is addressing the backlash he has received from the trans community following the release of his last Netflix stand-up comedy special, “The Closer.

Many have called for the special to removed from the streamer and it also prompted many Netflix employees to coordinate and stage a walk out in protest.

In the clip, labeled “Stunted,” posted on Dave’s Instagram page, the legendary comedian shut down false reports claiming he is not willing to sit down and speak with members of the trans community.

But, it made it very clear he will not be “summoned” and he would prefer to speak with people who have watched “The Closer” in its entirety.

Dave Chappelle also revealed as a result of the backlash, he’s receiving “DaBaby Treatment” (my words, not his) in regards to his new documentary, “Untitled.”

Watch the video clip below.

So, what’s the verdict? Is Dave canceled or nah?

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