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On Thursday, a Texas judge delivered a verdict stating that the state’s CROWN Act does not prohibit school dress codes from setting limits on students’ hair length. This ruling comes as a setback for Darryl George, a high school student from the Houston area who took legal action against the Barbers Hill Independent School District after facing months of suspension due to the length of his locs hairstyle.

Although the George family did not appear in court following the trial, their attorneys announced plans to challenge the ruling through an appeal.

Speaking at a press conference outside the courthouse, Candice Matthews, a spokesperson for the family, shared that Darryl was visibly upset, with tears in his eyes, as they exited the courtroom.

Expressing disappointment, frustration, and confusion over the ruling, Matthews recounted Darryl’s emotional response, questioning why his education and social experiences should be compromised because of his hair.

Despite the ruling, Darryl will continue to serve in-school suspension, and his legal team intends to pursue an injunction in an upcoming federal civil rights lawsuit.

In response to the verdict, Barbers Hill Independent School District Superintendent Greg Poole stated that the ruling affirmed the district’s stance on its dress code not conflicting with the CROWN Act and emphasized that the Act does not grant students unlimited freedom of expression.

Poole also referenced recent legal decisions, suggesting that similar reasoning could eventually be applied to the CROWN Act, drawing parallels to affirmative action rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the 14th Amendment.

Watch the “CBS Mornings” coverage of the case below. 

What are your thoughts on the Darryl George case? Is he being discriminated against because of his hair?

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