Daniel Kaluuya is hot as fish grease in the streets of social media as the ladies swoon over the chocolatey Brit.

The Oscar-winning actor recently gave his NOPE co-star Keke Palmer the scoop on the qualities he’s looking for in the leading lady of his life in an impromptu and hilarious Instagram video.

“Good vibes, good energy, fun…intelligence,” he said.

When Keke asked what will the woman get in return, Daniel quickly responded, “Me, muthaf**kah!”

Watch the clip below.

Meanwhile, in the streets of Twitter, Daniel Kaluuya’s name is ringing off as folks celebrate him as an incredibly talented actor and the ladies shoot their shots.

One person tweeted, “Daniel Kaluuya is so captivating on screen like its giving leading man its giving charisma its giving it factor it’s giving bad b*ch.”

“Yes I’m a feminist but if Daniel Kaluuya told me to get in the kitchen and make him a sandwich idk what to tell you,” another person tweeted.

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