Danuel House Jr.’s absence from Game 3 of the playoffs against the Lakers was a mystery to all, but his absence was allegedly due to him trying to get some WAP in the bubble.

During Game 3 of the Western Conference Semifinal Round of the playoffs, many analysts were questioning the whereabouts of Daniel House Jr., but the only information they had at the time was that he was out for “personal reasons”.

Sources are reporting that House is under investigation for allowing a female COVID-19 tester into his hotel room.

I’m sure they were not talking about Coronavirus.

House maintains his innocence, but sources say if House is found to be at fault he may be eliminated from the playoffs.

A decision from the NBA is expected to be released tonight prior to Game 4.

Tyson Chandler, the veteran center for the Rockets, was also ruled out of Game 3 for “personal reasons”, but I guess nobody dropped the dime on him yet.

I’m sure there is more news to come about Tyson.

Do you think Tyson was involved in House’s shenanigans or are they both innocent?

Source: Yahoo! Sports

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