DaBaby continues his road to redemption with the release of the video for his new single “Lonely” featuring Lil Wayne.

In the video, DaBaby plays the role of the Joker as he takes over a mental institution and counsels Lil Wayne’s character, who is also a patient inside the institution.

DaBaby’s lyrics get surprisingly deep in the song as he raps about his brother Glenn Allen Johnson taking his own life.

The video is dedicated to the memory of Glenn Allen Johnson.

Lil Wayne, not to be out done by anyone on a song, raps some of his verse while adorning a straitjacket.

Given the melancholy subject matter, the visual pops with color, and it is very entertaining.

Watch the video below:

DaBaby directed the visual, and in my opinion he did a great job.

The video ends with a very important message concerning mental health awareness.

Are your SCOOPING or SCRAPPING DaBaby’s “Lonely” video featuring Lil Wayne?