D.L. Hughley recently weighed in on the Colorado mass shooting, and he believes the shooter’s race is irrelevant and the easy access to guns is the real issue.

He makes an interesting point.

Although many people were surprised that the shooter was revealed to be Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, a Muslim man, D.L. suggests that people painting Alissa as the stereotypical Middle Eastern assassin are missing the point.

D.L. believes the fact that Alissa was able to purchase an AR-15 and stockpile large amounts of ammunition supersedes his race or religion, and America needs to focus more on making common-sense gun laws.

I’ve disagreed with a lot of D.L.’s political takes in the past, but he was dropping gems during this conversation.

  • Gem #1 – “It’s harder to get 2-packs of Sudafed than an AR-15.”
  • Gem #2 – “We’re a nation that can’t be trusted with cold medicine, but we are being trusted with street weapons.”
  • Gem #3 – “When you stock up on these weapons you’re either waiting on trouble or anticipating it.”
  • Gem #4 – “It’s harder to vote than it is to buy a gun.”
  • Gem #5 – “This idea that we have to have 60 people to agree on something before we can move forward as a nation is a misnomer.
  • Gem #6 – “When a state freezes over and you go to Mexico and blame it on your f***ing kids, you don’t care nothing about your people.

Watch the video below:

Please let me know if you discovered a gem that I missed.

Gem #6 is my favorite.

Source: TMZ