D.L. Hughley and U.S. Congress hopeful Angela Stanton had it in out the streets of social media after an unfriendly encounter at the airport.

Angela who is vying for the seat that was once held by the incomparable John Lewis, took to Twitter to announce she pulled up on D.L. in the airport to check him for dragging black Trump supporters and he “folded like a punk” and called his security.

Just ran into @RealDLHughley at DFW airport. Of course I confronted him about all the Sh!t he’s been talking about me and he folded like the little punk he is and called for his security…

Peep the original tweet below:


D.L. called fake news on Angela’s version of their encounter and shared his version of what happened.

Don’t believe the HYPE!! I was between flights, trying to eat my breakfast. @theangelastanton comes up WITHOUT A MASK, IN THE AIRPORT and starts a conversation. She asked me if I thought BLACK TRUMP SUPPORTERS were COONS because SHE’S BLACK and a TRUMP SUPPORTER… I said “If you’re BLACK and a TRUMP SUPPORTER, YOU’RE DEFINITELY A COON!!” The situation got louder and louder and my security did what they’re SUPPOSED to do, de-escalate the situation. I have security for the same reason you wear makeup, so people don’t see shit get ugly! #TeamDL #dontbelievethehype #fakenews #wedontbelieveyouyouneedmorepeople #F**kTrump #F**kTrumpSupporters #shetriedit #wearamask #cooningfortrump #nottheonetoplaywith

See his original post below:

D.L. had a few more things to get off of his chest…

Angela Stanton had this response for D.L. Hughley:


In my Mortal Kombat voice…this is the part where D.L. finished her…he pulled Angela’s collection of mugshots.

He wrote:

If this 6ft broad rolled up on YOU in the middle of your breakfast, wouldn’t your security step in?? I thought she was gonna ask me “You gon’ eat your cornbread”? Real talk, the ONLY reason those RIGHT WING WHITE POLITICIANS even mess with her is because she says shit to BLACK folks THEY WISH THEY COULD SAY and NOT be called a racist!! Now who wants to print these out and play some MUGSHOT BINGO? #TeamDL#GTA #mugshotchallenge #mugshotmonday #massa #lifeafterlockup #puppetshow #setitoff #AngelaStanton #nonfactor

See the original post below:

If the name Angela Stanton sounds familiar it’s because she’s the same woman who wrote a book claiming she and Apollo Nida, and Phaedra Parks ran a criminal enterprise together that landed her and Apollo in jail in 2004.

The catch is Angela claimed Phaedra represented Apollo, got him out of jail and married him. All the while leaving her to set in that cell til she bout rot to death. (Miss Sophia voice)

Trump pardoned Angela and now she thinks she’s qualified to be a U.S. Congresswoman.

Vote for Georgia State Senator Nikema Williams!

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