Cynthia Bailey was recently a virtual guest on “The Wendy Williams Show“, and she explained why she wanted her daughter, Noelle Robinson, to open up about being sexually fluid on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

True to form, Wendy told Cynthia that her daughter sexually fluid status was a better storyline than “the happy married lady.”

Wendy was basically implying that no one wants to see Cynthia in marital bliss and they would rather tune in to see the interactions of a beautiful young sexually fluid college student.

Cynthia wasted no time getting Wendy together.

She responded:

Listen. Honestly, Noelle is not a housewife. She’s not a peach-holder. Noelle does not have to actually share her life with you guys.

Cynthia explained that the reason they decided to reveal Noelle’s sexuality on the show is to get ahead of it because they didn’t want it to appear like they were hiding it.

If we don’t talk about it on the show and people find out about it, they almost feel like we’re hiding it. And I didn’t want Noelle to feel ashamed or embarrassed or have to hide her truth.

I wanted her to tell her own story. It wasn’t for my storyline — it’s because she needed to get in front of it.

After Cynthia said her piece, Wendy pivoted to another topic.

Watch the video below (6:05min. mark):

Noelle Robinson’s father is actor Leon Robinson, well-known for his roles as David Ruffin in The Temptations and J.T. Matthews in The Five Heartbeats.

We wish Cynthia Bailey and her daughter Noelle Robinson the best in life and on the 13th season of RHOA.

Source: Cheat Sheet

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