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Cuba Gooding Jr. will avoid jail time by pleading guilty to forcible touching in his Manhattan sex abuse case. 

You may recall, in June 2019, the Oscar-winning actor was arrested after a 29-year-old woman accused him of squeezing her breast without her consent at the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge near Times Square.

A couple of months later, Cuba picked up additional charges after two more women came forward accusing him of abuse. 

A server accused him of pinching her buttocks and making a sexually suggestive remark to her at TAO Downtown and another woman alleged he forcibly touched her inappropriately at the LAVO New York.

The alleged assaults took place in 2018. 

By the time it was all said and done, 20 different women had accused Cuba Gooding Jr. of sexual misconduct. 

Cuba was facing six counts of sexual abuse and forcible touching, but he will cop to a forcible kissing charge for the LAVO incident in Manhattan Criminal Court on Wednesday afternoon as part of a plea deal.

The deal will allow him to continue to work and he will have to apologize to the other two women he’s accused of groping.

If Cuba complies with the terms of the deal, the charge will be reduced to a non-criminal violation in six months.

In addition to the criminal case, a woman filed a lawsuit accusing Cuba of raping her in New York City in 2013. 

A judge issued a default judgment in July because Cube never responded to the lawsuit. 

He has since retained an attorney and is fighting the allegations.

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Source: Page Six