Grant Amato in CTRL+ALT+DESIRE, episode 2, season 1, streaming on Paramount+, 2024. (Photo Credit: Colin Archdeacon/Paramount+)

Paramount+ has unveiled the official trailer for “CTRL+ALT+DESIRE,” a 3-part docuseries delving into the shocking true story of Grant Amato, set to premiere on April 16.


After director Colin Archdeacon’s exhaustive years-long investigation into the chilling killings that shook a tranquil Florida town, “CTRL+ALT+DESIRE” uncovers the disturbing case of Grant Amato.

Accused of executing his own family, the 29-year-old Florida man’s tale unravels at the crossroads of technology and solitude.

Amato’s descent into darkness began with an infatuation with Silvie, a Bulgarian cam girl, plunging him into addiction, deceit, and a perilous online obsession.

The series delves into four years of prison phone calls, along with clues scattered across Florida, Eastern Europe, and the deep web, revealing a narrative far more intricate than anticipated.

Micah Spayer as Grant Amato in CTRL+ALT+DESIRE, episode 1, season 1, streaming on Paramount+, 2024. (Photo Credit: CBS/Paramount+)

Despite his education and charm, Amato’s path veered into despair due to professional failures, leading to depression, isolation, and financial ruin.

To captivate Silvie’s attention, he assumed a confident ‘big spender’ persona online, funded by $200,000 stolen from his family.

However, as his fixation intensified, his alternate reality spun out of control.

CTRL+ALT+DESIRE” serves as a gripping cautionary tale, illustrating the perilous consequences when the boundaries between fantasy and reality blur beyond repair.

Premiere Date

Tuesday, April 16, only on Paramount+

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