Crosley Green wrongfully convicted of murder Florida reinstates conviction

Crosley Green, a wrongfully convicted man who spent 32 years in prison, may have to go back after a higher court reinstated his conviction. 

Crosley was convicted in 1990 of murdering 22-year-old Charles Flynn.

There was no physical evidence or DNA connecting Crosley to the crime. 

He was convicted by an all-white jury after Flynn’s girlfriend claimed a Black man robbed them and shot Charles.

The girlfriend picked Crosley Green out in a photo line up and he was convicted by an all-White jury.

Crosley says he was at a party at the time of the killing and he has always maintained his innocence.

So much so that he turned down a plea deal that would give him 10 years in prison.

A federal judge overturned the conviction in 2018 after learning the prosecution hid evidence from the defense that would have helped prove Crosley’s innocence.

The state of Florida was determined to keep Crosley Green behind bars so they filed an appeal. 

In March, the Court of Appeals ruled that the notes withheld by the prosecution would not have changed the verdict.

Now, Crosley Green may be forced to return to prison for a crime he did not commit.

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The justice system is a joke!

My prayers to Crosley and his family as they continue to fight for his freedom.

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