The Miami Heat fans are now undergoing COVID sniffing dog screenings prior to entering the American Airlines Arena.

Who knew that dogs could detect COVID?

A trainer walks the dog through the line of socially-distanced fans under a tent and the dogs take a big sniff off each fan before moving on to the next. The dogs have been trained to sit if they detect the virus.

The dogs first day on the job was this past Wednesday as the Heat opened it’s doors to fans for the first time.

See the video below:

The dogs are being trained at Florida International University. According to Dr. DeEtta Mills, who is leading the program, the dogs could soon be deployed in airports across the country.

I have questions:

  1. How are dogs able to sniff COVID without catching it?
  2. Can any dog be trained to detect COVID?
  3. Does the rain affect the dog’s ability to detect the virus?
  4. If COVID originated from bats how are dogs immune?
  5. Will anyone ever understand this virus?

If your planning on going to a Miami Heat game anytime soon prepare for your canine sniff down.

Source: TMZ

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