Kelly Price is mourning the passing of her grandmother, Joni D Norman, who transitioned to her heavenly home on Wednesday, June 16.

The singer and “American Soul” star just suffered the devastating passing of her mother in October.

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Kelly Price said she received a phone call to rush to her grandmother’s side.

She’s in hospice. They said come now if you want to see her one last time and I did.
They said she was non verbal. They said she was too weak to open her eyes. They said don’t be alarmed because she wouldn’t know me or understand me. I prayed ????????. I cried ????. I asked God give me one more time with her. Let me see her again on this side of heaven with breath in her body. Let her see me. Let her know me. Let me pray with her. Let me sing to her.

God did what I asked. I spent the night at her bedside last night. She opened her eyes and tried to speak. She knew exactly who I was. I sang and she hummed along and played the “air piano” and directed me as a Choir director would. That was “our thing”! I told her mama I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about me anymore. I am loved. I am protected. God is finishing the work He started so long ago when you sat me at your side during Sunday morning service and told me hush and pay attention. She told me when to shut up And would pop me right in the mouth if the moment called for it.

Oohhh and If she pinched me…. let’s just say message heard. Lesson understood

She lived out faith. So many times She fasted for me.

And when I thought I was no longer worthy of God’s love or grace she told me to shut my mouth because I didn’t know what I was talking about and God did not operate like that. That’s grandma….
I told Grandma this morning before I left her.

Gods promises are yeah and amen. Every prayer will be answered. The work will be completed. She smiled and gripped my hand and wouldn’t let it go.

I am so honored God chose me to come through her lineage. She has ALWAYS been Grace under fire. Even when returning fire would have been merited and understood.

I will make her proud.

I cry ????because I won’t be able to visit her body but I smile because I will see her again.
I AM BECAUSE SHE IS…. and she is my grandma. There is music in her hands. There is love in her hands. There is a shoNuff cooking woman in her hands! Lol!

There is healing in her hands. There is power in her hands. There is Authority in her hands
God I thank you for #GrandmasHands and I thank you for giving me #GrandmasHands

The following day, Kelly shared the sad news of her grandmother’s passing.

You fought a good fight 
You finished your course
You kept the faith. Receive your crown of righteousness my Queen.
Sleep well Grandma. I’ll meet you there. I promise. ????
Joni D Norman 
Sept 1, 1925-June 16, 2021 ????????????

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