Da Baby is mourning the passing of his big brother Glenn Johnson, who reportedly died by suicide.

According to reports, Glenn took his own life on Tuesday afternoon in a parking lot on Berkeley Place Drive off Mallard Creek Church Road in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Glenn allegedly posted a video where he was sitting in a car and visibly upset and crying.

He went on to say he had been wronged a lot in the past.

Shortly afterwards, Glenn Johnson died from a self-inflicted gunshot.

Da Baby took to Twitter writing, “Damn bruh ?”

In his Instagram Story, the rapper posted lyrics from his song where he talks about his brother:

My brother be thinkin' that we don't 
love him and let him struggle like
we ain't family
Like I won't give up all I got
to see you happy, n***a

He added, “I would’ve gave up all I had to see you happy n***a.”

My condolences and prayers to the Johnson family.

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