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Condolences: Da Baby’s Brother Glenn Johnson Commits Suicide

Da Baby is mourning the passing of his big brother Glenn Johnson, who reportedly died by suicide.

According to reports, Glenn took his own life on Tuesday afternoon in a parking lot on Berkeley Place Drive off Mallard Creek Church Road in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Glenn allegedly posted a video where he was sitting in a car and visibly upset and crying.

He went on to say he had been wronged a lot in the past.

Shortly afterwards, Glenn Johnson died from a self-inflicted gunshot.

Da Baby took to Twitter writing, “Damn bruh ?”

In his Instagram Story, the rapper posted lyrics from his song where he talks about his brother:

My brother be thinkin' that we don't 
love him and let him struggle like
we ain't family
Like I won't give up all I got
to see you happy, n***a

He added, “I would’ve gave up all I had to see you happy n***a.”

My condolences and prayers to the Johnson family.

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