Blair Underwood is mourning the passing of his mother, Marilyn Ann Scales Underwood, who transitioned to her heavenly home on Wednesday (October 28).

The actor took to social media over the weekend to share the news writing:

When I opened my eyes, for the very first time, she was there. I know without a doubt that she would have been nose to nose speaking life & purpose into my newly birthed spirit. My mother gave me life literally, figuratively & consistently. She carried me for nine months and buoyed me for the rest of her life until her final moments Wed. evening.

Marilyn Ann Scales Underwood transitioned to be with The Lord at home surrounded by family, including our father; (Col. Frank Underwood Sr.), her husband for the past 60 years.

I live 3000 miles away but we would speak as often as possible. I’m incredibly grateful to my siblings for FaceTiming with me in her final moments and allowing me the opportunity to speak with her (virtually) nose to nose, as she had done with me on the day we met, my birth-day. I didn’t know if she could still hear me but I was speaking to her spirit, her soul. She once told me that while we would be sleeping, she would often whisper into the ears of her children, our souls, “God placed greatness within you. You are filled with greatness & humility.”

My mother had an innate wisdom & understanding of life & spirituality. She knew, embraced & lived God’s word. As her consciousness faded & she slowly drifted away from us, I know she was triumphantly entering the Gates of Heaven, dancing. You see, due to Multiple Sclerosis, my mother has been living with a wheelchair for the past 20 years. She once told me that she would often dream of running through a sprawling green field, again.

Well Mom, I am bursting with joy because I know you are now running, jumping & dancing with all of your loved ones who have gone before you, especially your beloved mother Bessie & sister Carol. I am eternally grateful to be your son & that God assigned me to the woman who would be my teacher, inspiration, confidante and the epitome of motherhood.

I hurt now only because you loved so hard & so deeply. For that I will be forever grateful. To have known your love is worth it all! You lived. You served. You loved. You ran the race with us. Now run (with abandon) to the arms of our Heavenly Father! You’ve earned it! Until I see you again…I love you, Mom.

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My sincerest condolences and prayers to Blair Underwood and his family.