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Common Says Tiffany Haddish Initially Told Him: ‘We’re Strictly Friends, I’m Not Into You’

During an interview on “Ellen,” Common revealed Tiffany Haddish initially friend-zoned him.

Common said they met for the first time while he was hosting an Oscar party that he would do ever year.

He said Tiffany sat at the table with his mother and step-father and she was such a cool individual that his family loved her.

They eventually did a film together, and he said he tried to holler at her because he started liking her, but she told him, “We’re strictly friends, I’m not into you.”

And, she friend zoned him for a long time.

But, one day she told him, “I kind of like you,” and they shared a kiss while listening to music.

Watch the video below:

Do you think marriage is in the future for Common and Tiffany? 

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