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Tony Baker took to social media to share he is absolutely heartbroken over the loss of his son, Cerain Baker, but he is still cracking jokes.

The comedian and his family have received an outpouring of love, support, and prayers after his son was one of three innocent young people killed on Tuesday (August 3) when a street racer crashed into their vehicle. 

Tony Baker took to social media on Friday to express his gratitude for the love. 

Myself and My Family are overwhelmed with the love and care from friends, fans and complete strangers. I FEEL the love. I see the text messages and some of the DM’s and just want you all to know that it’s appreciated.

I know i am not alone and we are blessed to have soo many people to lean on, cling to and call. I loved that boy sooo much.

My heart goes out to Jaiden & Natalee’s families as well. For those that were at the Vigil on Wednesday nite, you know that i was howling crying one minute, then crackin jokes the next.

Thank You All. And I ‘m soo sorry that yal are sad too.

One thing about comedians, even in the darkest of times they will always have the gift of laughter. 

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My sincerest condolences and continued prayers to Tony and all of the families impacted by this senseless tragedy.