It’s with a heavy heart that I report Fuquan Johnson has passed away.

The 43-year-old comedian was among three people who suffered a deadly overdose from fentanyl-laced cocaine on Friday (September 3) night at a party in Venice. 

The Los Angeles Police Department told ABC7 officers responded to the scene in the 200 block of Carrol Canal in Venice just after 12 a.m. Saturday morning and found three people dead.

Comedian and model Kate Quigley, who also overdosed, has been hospitalized in critical condition.

Watch the news report below.

Comedian Brian Redban posted a text he received from Kate, after her overdose, where she wrote:

I’m alive

I’m not great

But im. OK

See the screenshot below.

Kate Quigley Text - Brian Redban

Sadly, the last tweet Fuquan Johnson posted was:

I’m so HIGH I just TRIED to SHAMPOO my body….. #FuFacts

See the original tweet below. 

As the news of Fu’s death spread, Marlon Wayans took to social media to pay tribute to him.

Marlon wrote: 

Damn. Where do i begin? Loss for words. I’m gonna miss your hating’ ass. I miss your rhapsody smokers voice. I’ll miss the two hour roasting sessions we had. I’ll miss the way your dirty ass underwear slopped out your filthy ass tight loose denim jeans. The chimpanzee black and pink gums that accented your yellow ass teeth. I’ll miss your Morgan freeman moles that stood upon your young old face. I’ll miss the ashiness in the webs of your fingers especially your thumbs. I’ll miss how you’d come to my house and party then attempt to leave with a brand new bottle of Hennessy vsop, shopping at my house like that sh*t was costco.

I’ll miss all of your ugly. I’ll miss you like your head missed your hairline. @mybadfuu i write these jokes as i f**king cry with a broken heart. I feel like i lost a dirty nephew complete with an outos belly button. My heart breaks for @damiendw i can only imagine his pain. I love you like a nephew that lived even though nobody wanted [email protected] the mother only took half the plan b pill because she was too scared of a whole pill. All we did was roast for hours. The audacity of you ni**a!!!!

I’d be in my house roasting with you like we was on a street corner in New York City. We’d battle in pool and humor for hours. I never understood how your ass would have the balls to roast with a rich ni**a. But now i get it. You was always giving me a chin check. Keeping me on my toes. Keeping me grounded. Letting me know don’t get too rich, don’t get so successful that i lose my “street”. Grass ain’t concrete ni**a. There’s always gonna be some ni**as to test you so stay grounded and humble and connected. Be ready be funny be prepared… be great.

We ended every roast with some dap and a hug then reminisce about the best jokes that landed. Thank you nephew. I f**king love you. I hope you found peace. I hope you sparkling like the glitter on strippers and wizards. You probably sitting outside heavens gate like “yooooooooo!!!! Let a ni**a in! Yo GOD it’s Fu [email protected]! Let me in B”.

Just wait, be patient my mama gonna get God to get you in so you can party with the 32 children you never had. Everyone who knows me knows i loved you… #RIPFU ❤️

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My condolences and prayers to everyone impacted by this horrible tragedy.

RIP Fuquan Johnson.