Colin Kaepernick’s Netflix Production Threatened By The Proud Boys

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Colin Kaepernick is narrating a six-part Netflix series about his high school years entitled “Colin in Black and White,” and the Proud Boys planned to protest at the production shoot last Friday.

The production crew was notified in a memo.

Anti-BLM sentiments may protest against the production.

The protest didn’t happen, but the threat caused major concerns despite executives on the project taking measures to protect the cast and crew.

A threatening phone call was also made to the production office last week.

According to sources, the Proud Boys are responsible for these threats.

Reportedly, Colin Kaepernick was not on set last week.

The production is directed by Ava DuVernay, and it will highlight Colin’s high school years and the racism he faced, which inspired him to become the activist he is today.

Actor Jaden Michael will play a young Colin in the production.

Executives are taking the threats very seriously, and they feel confident in the safety measures they have in place.

Source: TMZ

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