CoCo Jones

Coco Jones recently stopped by “The R&B Money” podcast and the “Bel-Air” star talked about how TikTok reignited her career.

Coco said she was in a toxic relationship that was not giving, but she learned a lot from the guy about business because he was very smart.

She said it was around the time that TikTok just came out, and everyone was trying to convince her to join, but she wasn’t trying to hear it because she was already overwhelmed with keeping up with other social media platforms at the time.

She came across a tweet from a girl that said, “What happened to Coco?… Like, she was supposed to be next up. Like, she was supposed to be it.”

The tweet went viral, and after being convinced by her smart guy friend to respond, she responded, “Do you really want to know what happened?”, and her response tweet went viral.

Coco said she got scared because she reflected on her career peaking as a Disney child star and then being humbled as the jobs slowed up as she got older.

She said she made a YouTube video entitled “What Really Happened” detailing what had happened with her career, and the video went viral.

Someone took a soundbite from her YouTube video and put it on TikTok, and everyone was using the sound.

She said the soundbite went crazy all over the world, and people instantly started supporting her career and her fanbase the “Co-Captains” were born.

The Co-Captains basically became her viral managers and helped guide her career.

She discovered doing covers of artists’ songs on TikTok, and she did a cover of Sza’s song “Hit Different.”

She recorded the cover and posted it nonchalantly, and the next morning the cover went viral. Sza even responded to her about the cover.


Sz-y Pooh I’m redi 😫🥺

♬ original sound – cocojones

The viral TikTok moments led to a level up in singing management and acting management, which led to her landing the role of Hillary on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” reboot, and having one of the top songs on the radio with “ICU.”

Watch the clip of the Coco Jones interview from “The R&B Money” podcast below:

Coco Jones is an amazing talent with an awesome personality, and we wish her all the best in the future.

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