Coco Gauff After Winning $3M At The US Open: 'I'm 19 I Don't Have Any Debt'

Coco Gauff’s US Open win on September 9th made her an instant millionaire, and she recently got on Instagram Live and responded to fans suggesting what she should do with her prize money.

One fan told her that she should pay off debts, and Coco responded:

I’m 19 I don’t have any debt. I’m not in debt.

I live with my parents still, um, so I’m not in debt.

Um, I didn’t go to college so I don’t have any student bills to pay.

I’m not in bebt. I’m too young.

My parents have never put me in that position to be in debt.

So, yeah I don’t have nothing to pay right now.

See Coco Gauff on IG Live talking about being debt-free below courtesy of Bleacher Report.

Scoop some comments below:

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Coco Gauff started playing tennis when she was six years old. She went pro in 2018, and now the sky is the limit for her.

She is an amazing talent with an awesome personality, and we know this is the first of many major championships in her sport.

Congratulations Coco! We look forward to watching you win many more chips in the future.

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