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Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was visibly heated at the post-game press conference as he gave an assessment of the Steelers’ gameplay against the Ravens and answered questions from the media.

See the video below of Mike Tomlin after the Steelers defeat the Ravens 19-14:

Did anyone else notice how Mike Tomlin was blinking excessively during the post game press conference?

Coach Tomlin has every right to be upset at his team because they did not play up to their potential, even though they won the game and maintained their undefeated record (11-0).

The Steelers are the only undefeated team in the NFL right now, and they have the opportunity to make history with a perfect regular season, but that definitely will not happen if they play like they played yesterday afternoon.

The Steelers – Raven game was originally scheduled to be played on Thanksgiving Day, but due to a COVID-19 team outbreak from the Ravens that rendered a dozen team starters and contributors ineligible the game was postponed until Wednesday at 3:40 pm EST.

By Wednesday the Ravens starters that were ruled ineligible were still under self-quarantine, but the game still had to be played. The Ravens starting quarterback, running back, cornerbacks, and key defensive players did not play in the game.

The Ravens started Robert Griffin III (RG3) at quarterback, and they had to promote 10 players from the practice squad to fill out the 48 man game-day roster.

A game that the Steelers should’ve won easily turned into a competitive battle with the Ravens taking a 7-6 lead in the first quarter.

The Ravens focused on their run game and defense to keep them in the game, and the Steelers offense had a bunch of dropped passes and miscues that helped the Raven’s effort.

RG3 pulled his hamstring after the half and the third-string quarterback, Trace Mc Sorley, came in and threw a touchdown in the 4th quarter making it a five-point game.

The Steelers won of course, but like Mike Tomlin said they have nothing to be proud of because they did not play well. They let the Ravens B-team compete with them.

I believe the Steelers went into this game thinking we got this because they have too many starters out, and they found themselves on the verge of losing their undefeated record.

This was a good lesson for the Steelers to learn now, and I’m sure coach Mike Tomlin will have them ready for their Monday night game against the Washington Football Team.

Do you think the Steelers will go undefeated for the full regular season?

Source: ESPN