Claudia Jordan Trends After Tweeting ‘Rest In Paradise DMX’

Claudia Jordan is trending and getting dragged through the streets of Twitter after she hopped on Jack Dorsey‘s app and tweeted, “Rest In Paradise DMX,” while the rapper is still fighting for his life.

Claudia Jordan DMX tweet

It’s unclear why she thought he had transitioned or who gave her the wrong information, but Claudia deleted the tweet and issued an apology.

Unfortunately, the damage had already been done and floodgates were wide open!

Peep reactions from Twitter below:

[Claudia Jordan ‘Aggravated’ After Being Dragged Into Gary Owen’s Divorce Drama By Kenya Duke]

As someone who has experienced a non-family member announcing the passing of Grandmother on social media before my family notified me – I am triggered by this!

Hopefully, Claudia Jordan will learn a valuable lesson from this.


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1 thought on “Claudia Jordan Trends After Tweeting ‘Rest In Paradise DMX’”

  1. Yall use any reason to hide behind yall dusty phones/ keyboards and ATTACK someone it’s NOT EVEN THAT SERIOUS, I don’t think it was done with intent yall act as if yall never make mistake


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