Clarke Peters, who starred in the Spike Lee‘s Da 5 Bloods, now regrets judging Chadwick Boseman on the set of the Netflix film

During an interview with “Good Morning Britain,” Clarke became emotional as he admitted he thought Chadwick allowed fame to go to his head when he saw people “fawning” over the actor on set.

He fought back tears as he confessed he had no idea Chadwick was battling cancer and he regrets having those thoughts about him.

My wife asked what Chadwick was like and I was really excited to work with him. I said, ‘Well, I think he’s a little bit precious.’ And she said, ‘Why?’

I said, ‘Because he’s surrounded by people fawning over him. He’s got a Chinese practitioner who is massaging his back when he walks off set. He’s got a makeup lady who is massaging his feet. His girlfriend is there holding his hand. 

And I’m thinking, ‘Well, maybe the ‘Black Panther’ thing went to his head.’

But, now I regret even having those thoughts because they were really looking after him. 

I didn’t know…

Watch below:

I pray Clarke Peters finds peace with this, but it’s also important to remember you never know what someone is going through.

Spike Lee has been paying tribute to Chadwick Boseman by sharing pics and videos from when they were filming the movie. 

He told a fan he had no idea Chad was ill. 

Rest in paradise, Chadwick Boseman.