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Christian Combs Speaks Out After Being Hit By Drunk Driver

Christian Combs is grateful to be alive after he was hit by a drunk driver early Wednesday morning (August 5).

Diddy‘s 22-year-old son was driving his Ferrari in Beverly Hills when a drunk driver behind the wheel of a Tesla plowed into him.

The driver was arrested at the scene on suspicion of DUI.

Christian Combs took to Instagram to speak out about the accident and reassured everyone he was okay. But, he confessed his “life flashed before his eyes” when the accident happened.

IM GOOD !!! Thank you GOD?? thank you to everybody who reached out! Last night was crazy seen my life flash before my eyes !! I was hit by a drunk driver! Everybody out there do not DRINK AND DRIVE Thank GOD I walked out with just a couple little scars ?? now back in the stu!!

See his original post below.

Thank God Christian is okay.

Please don’t drink and drive.

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