Chrissy Teigen recently revealed on “The Late Late Show With James Corden” she and then-boyfriend John Legend got intimate in a Democratic National Convention bathroom.

Chrissy confessed to the act while participating in a segment on the show called “Spill Your Guts.”

She was asked what’s the strangest place she and John ever got intimate.

She answered a DNC bathroom, and she said she was asked the same question at the Grammys years ago to which she responded the “Obama thing.”

She clarified by telling James that it was the nickname she gave to the experience, and it had nothing to do with Barack and Michelle.

Watch “The Late Late Show” segment below:

According to sources, it was the 2008 DNC that Chrissy is referring to.

Given this new information, it’s safe to say John Legend had two performances at the DNC that year.

Source: TMZ