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Chris Evans is trending in the streets of social media after he accidentally posted his Winter Soldier on Instagram.

What had happened was, Captain America decided to share a sweet video of his family playing a game of “Heads Up.” 

The clip, that was posted to his Instagram stories, was a screen recording from his phone. When the video ended it gave viewers a clips of images in the Superhero’s camera roll. 

One of the photos included in the camera roll was partially exposed shlong and people are convinced it belongs to Captain America. 

But, really has people buzzing is another photo in his roll that’s a meme of Chris Evans’ face and the caption reads, “Guard That P***y.” 

The actor is currently the number one trending topic on Twitter and the jokes are rolling. 

Peep the tweets! No, for real…p?p the tweets.

No one knows for sure if the ? in the photo is attached to Chris Evans.

But, I’d sure like to think so.

Have you ever posting the WRONG thing on social media by accident? ?