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The woman who filed a $20 million lawsuit against Chris Brown accusing him of drugging and sexually assaulting her in 2020 is going to need her own defense attorney in the very near future.

I received an email from Chris’ crisis management team on Tuesday (March 8) alerting me to newly released text messages, which appear to show the accuser pining over the R&B star up to eight months after he allegedly assaulted her.

You may recall, the woman, who is listed as “Jane Doe” in the suit, says she met Chris at a party on a yacht docked outside of Diddy’s Miami home.

She claims she chatted it up with Chris inside the kitchen of the yacht, where he poured her two drinks. 

Jane Doe claims after the second drink she began to feel “a sudden, unexplained change in consciousness.”  

That’s when she says Chris Brown led her into a bedroom and assaulted her. 

According to the lawsuit, Chris texted Jane Doe the following day and demanded she take a Plan B pill and she followed his orders.

However, the text messages tell a different version of events…

The day after the alleged assault (New Year’s Eve 2020), Chris texted: 

Yo…You should take a plan b…

I definitely didn’t bust inside ya…

N***a just was hella faded so I wanted to be sure. 

Jane Doe responded: 

Oh sh*t ok I’ll get one

Ok babe that’s fine

I wanna f**k u tonight at midnight lol

She sent two more texts that day and Chris didn’t respond to her.

On January 11, 2020, Jane Doe reached out to Chris again asking if he was in LA.

He said he was and suggested they link up later that day. 

Jane Doe asked, “U got E? I didn’t get to take it last time we met lol” 

She was referring to Ecstasy.

Chris responded he didn’t have any, but would try to find some. 

He left her hanging that day and began a pattern of being hot and cold with her, sometimes responding and other times…leaving her texts unanswered. 

Eventually, Jane Doe asked: 

I have a question. Do u just be wanting to f**k me? Or can we hang out like on some chill sh*t during the day? I know U b busy and it’s cool if U just wanna f**k I just wanna know my role.

Chris Brown didn’t respond. 

Jane texted again, “????Ok Nvmd.”

From there, the texts show Jane Doe reaching out to Chris from January 2020 through August 2020…without a response from the singer (in the thread).

In August, Jane texted: 

Missing u

U were honestly the best d**k I’ve had ???? lol I just want it again

Why u playing with meee lol

Click here to see all of the text messages. 

Chris’ crisis team sent this statement to

Mr. Brown does not have any intention of speaking publicly on this matter but believes this story accurately captures the events of that evening and subsequent to it. 

The texts speak for themselves and demonstrate that the allegations are not true.

Breezy definitely had plans on speaking on it because he hopped on his IG Story and shared the following statement: 

No more dragging me through the mud. 


Now let’s see if the media keep that same energy they had trying to destroy me, to Run the real story. 

Me and my team are taking legal action on the situation. You don’t play with people lives like that. 


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According to his crisis management team, Chris Brown is cooperating with the Miami police and they have every intention of taking legal action against his accuser.

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