Chris Brown Drops ‘No Time Like Christmas’ & ‘It’s Giving Christmas’ Videos

Chris Brown-Chris Brown Releases 'No Time Like Christmas' - 'It's Giving Christmas' Videos

Chris Brown has released the official music videos for his holiday tunes, “No Time Like Christmas” and “It’s Giving Christmas.”

“No Time Like Christmas” is serving a different type of vibe for the holiday season.

This sexy joint will have you roasting more than chestnuts on an open fire.

In the song, Chris sings:

Wrappin' all my love in a box, mm (Yeah)
Your name's written at the top
How I want to feel you come closer, girl, don't stop (Stop), mm
I know you wanna get your gift (Gift)
I'm crossin' off your Christmas list

Watch the official music video below.

“It’s Giving Christmas” is a midtempo tune where Breezy sings:

If you want it
Ain't no better holiday
Everybody sayin' that we made it
Put that thing up on your wishlist
It's giving Christmas, oh, wow
Ain't no better holiday
When we lovin' in the snow, we be blazin'
Just write it on your wishlist
It's giving Christmas, oh, yeah

Watch the official music video below.

Which tune is your most favorite out of Chris Brown’s holiday offerings?

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