Chloe Mrozak was arrested at the Honolulu airport and charged with suspicion of falsified vaccination documents after she presented a vaccine card that said she received the “Maderna” vaccine.

According to the Department of the Attorney General, the 24-year-old Illinois woman submitted the fake COVID vaccination card to avoid the state’s mandatory 10-day quarantine.

On August 23, the Safe Travels Program administrator reported a possible fraudulent COVID vaccination card after Chloe uploaded and presented the card to the airport screener. 

Chloe listed a fake hotel reservation on her Safe Travel forms, and she failed to provide her return flight information.

After reviewing her vaccination card, Chloe Mrozak misspelled “Moderna” as “Maderna,” which was a dead giveaway.

Her card also claimed she was vaccinated in Delaware. The special agent on her case contacted Delaware officials and there was no record of her being vaccinated under her name and date and birth.

Special Agent Lau located Chloe’s Facebook page and determined she had a distinctive tattoo on her left hip. 

On August 26, Special Agent Lau met with other agents with the Quarantine Compliance Check Team to discuss her case and a plan of action. 

They determined she would more than likely be flying out on Southwest Airlines since a majority of American Airline flights are purchased as round-trips to reduce costs.

It was a joint effort that we were able to locate her, and found out when she was leaving even though she was evasive about her lodging location.

On August 28, Chloe Mrozak and her Maderna vaccine rolled up to the Southwest Airlines counter to prepare to head home. 

But, Special Agent Lau had other plans.

Chloe was identified by her tattoo and taken into custody.

Unable to post bail, Chloe was taken to Queen’s for a COVID screening, then transported to jail.

Her bail was set at $2,000.

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